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I’m passionate about helping you live your best entrepreneurial life because I have the same goal…

I believe that everyone should embrace more chill—in life and in business. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping the masses ditch their limiting beliefs about money and making financial literacy more accessible. I love taking complex financial topics and turning them into super digestible, fun lessons for entrepreneurs, students and people from all walks of life (and financial backgrounds).

From bookkeeping and financial literacy to my own story of entrepreneurship and creating a life filled with inspiration, I’m an open book. And I’d love to share my passion as a speaker at your next event or mastermind.

Recent topics I have spoken on:

  • Money Mindset (Looking beyond the numbers): How mindset impacts our decisions and our bank account.
  • Mastering Your Financial Statements: Understand your financial reporting, including how to present it to investors/lenders.
  • Bookkeeping Basics: What all business owners need to know about bookkeeping whether they outsource or do it in house.
  • How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner – from logistics, tax consequences and mindset.
  • Canadian Income Tax: Demystifying how taxes work, business structures and write offs.



CP24 in Partnership with TurboTax Canada

CP24 in Partnership with TurboTax Canada


Jami was an outstanding speaker at my business conference When Creatives Meet in Toronto. Her insights as a CPA and educator were invaluable. She not only shared a wealth of knowledge but also offered a unique perspective that resonated with our audience on starting a business, financial management, and the art of being money-wise as a business owner. Jami’s contribution made the day even more leaving a lasting impact on everyone present as she answered questions and spoke with attendees. I am fortunate to have her share her expertise, making the conference an insightful and memorable experience.

Natania Mason

Business Coach + Digital Marketing Expert

Jami delivered an inspiring keynote at our CPA Ontario No Limits conference 2020 for high school students. We received so many messages from teachers, parents, and students about how her speech was impactful.

Jodi-Anne Buckley

Student Recruiter, CPA Ontario

Jami was a speaker for Elevate Women+, a program focused on investing readiness for women-led tech startups. She delivered an incredible, energetic and interactive session on Mastering Finances: Taxes and Investor Relations. It was truly enjoyable to work with her!

Danielle Graham

Co-founder of The Firehood & General Partner of Phoenix Fire

Jami is not only exceptionally skilled in her field, she is also a phenomenal facilitator and public speaker. Having had the opportunity to collaborate with Jami multiple times, it is such a treat watching her share her expertise in such an engaging, dynamic, and comprehensible way. Our participants always provide such positive feedback from the learning opportunities; Jami is always top of mind when wanting to develop workshops around bookkeeping and finances and I would work with her at any given opportunity.

Mariam Waliji

Vice President - Impact, Equity & Governance at Pillar Non Profit Network


Have Fun & Chill With Your Finances With Jami Monte

Since the first time I spoke with Jami Monte –  I was drawn to her energy and the amazing work she’s doing!

In this episode, Jami, who is a CPA and the Founder of Chillbooks, shares how to nurture a healthy money mindset as well as the specifics of your business and personal finances.

Making Better Biz Decisions Based on FACTS – Bookkeeping Coach Jami Monte

We are joined by Jami Monte – CPA, bookkeeping coach and Founder of Chillbooks. Jami empowers small business owners by coaching them on how to manage their own bookkeeping and how to leverage the financial data. We discuss how having a clear understanding of your business’s finances can help owners make strategic business decisions. We also get real about write-offs and P/L reports.

Three gifts that only bookkeeping can give you!
(with Jami Monte)

You are the CEO of your business – you deserve to know what is going on! My guest today believes that anyone can learn about bookkeeping – it is never too late – whether you are in your first year of business, or a seasoned veteran, the principles discussed in this episode apply to you! The numbers matter – and in today’s episode we are sharing three different ways that knowing the basics about your bookkeeping can change your life, and your business…

How to Organize Your Bookkeeping for a More Productive Year With Jami Monte

How do you organize your bookkeeping for a more productive year?

Contrary to what entrepreneurs may believe about bookkeeping, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get organized. We can do many things throughout the year to set ourselves up for success, and my guest Jami Monte is a wealth of knowledge in getting entrepreneurs on track.


Four things to do if your company is feeling an economic pinch

While business owners should be familiar with their company’s numbers, this is a good time to get extra acquainted with them, says Jami Monte, a CPA and founder of Chillbooks.

She recommends people look at their profit and loss margins monthly. “That keeps you close to [business] activities and will also help you catch any issues in the financial reporting itself.”

How Buying an EV May Save You Thousands at Tax Time

I know we have government rebates for EVs in Canada, but do we have tax credits like they do in the United States? – Jon, Ottawa

Canada doesn’t have a tax credit for electric vehicles – but if you’re self-employed or have to use your car for your job, you could write off thousands of dollars at tax time on the purchase price of a new EV. But that’s only if you turned down the $5,000 federal incentive when …

Five Tax Tips for Self Employed and Gig Workers

The digital economy has created a new wave of gig workers, contractors and self-employed people. A recent survey by TurboTax found 23 per cent of Canadians have a side gig from their primary employer.

But the transition into this form of work doesn’t come with a handbook that warns how complicated your taxes are about to become.

Five Types of People Who Should Consider Hiring an Accountant

TurboTax spokesperson Jami Monte says there’s a lot of shame in the tax world. People who might benefit from the assistance of a tax professional often worry that their messy bookkeeping will be scoffed at.

But she says parsing through these complicated matters is part of the job, and tax professionals are ready to help you out no matter how bad a job you did keeping receipts.

“Your goal is to generate income, not keep track of your taxes,” said Ms. Monte.

How becoming common-law or getting hitched changes tax-filing season

For tax purposes, common-law and married are the same, said Jami Monte, a CPA and TurboTax spokesperson.

When you’re single, you’re considered a household for tax purposes. But when you partner up, tax-wise, you combine to become one household. That means any benefit based on your household income, such as the GST/HST credit or the Canada child benefit, may no longer be coming your way, or you’ll be getting a smaller amount

These tax strategies can help retirees save thousands of dollars each year

Retirement is a time of massive changes, and taxes are one of many things that’ll change drastically. Tax experts say it’s imperative to create a plan years before your retirement to organize your savings in a way that minimizes your tax exposure.

Simply put, if you’ve never used the services of a tax expert before, you should consider it in the years leading up to retirement. An effective strategy that splits income between you and your partner can save tens of thousands of dollars in tax payments per year.