Hey, I’m Jami.
CPA, Course Creator & Speaker

I’m passionate about helping you live your best entrepreneurial life because I have the same goal…

Practical advice and clean books are my bread and butter. While that kind of passion for accounting may not sound sexy to you, I’m willing to bet the title of CEO does.

And I’m here to tell you that level of success only comes with a true understanding of your numbers. I know because I’ve seen it firsthand…

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder as a CPA only to realize I was putting off my own entrepreneurial journey. I loathed the idea of winding up in an accountant’s office, surrounded by grey walls every day, only to feel completely burnt out after another tax season. So, I took off to Bali to teach yoga and have my very own “Eat, Prey, Love” moment.

But when I returned home, I fell right back into the hustle mentality. I started taking on consultancy work and pumping out tax returns to make some fast money, even though it wasn’t aligned with my goals. It turns out this was my lightbulb moment…

Topics I have spoken on:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Money Mindset
  • Bookkeeping and QuickBooks
  • Starting a Business
  • Creating an Online Course



CP24 in Partnership with TurboTax Canada

CP24 in Partnership with TurboTax Canada


Have Fun & Chill With Your Finances With Jami Monte

Since the first time I spoke with Jami Monte –  I was drawn to her energy and the amazing work she’s doing!

In this episode, Jami, who is a CPA and the Founder of Chillbooks, shares how to nurture a healthy money mindset as well as the specifics of your business and personal finances.

Making Better Biz Decisions Based on FACTS – Bookkeeping Coach Jami Monte

We are joined by Jami Monte – CPA, bookkeeping coach and owner of Monte CPA. Jami empowers small business owners by coaching them on how to manage their own bookkeeping and how to leverage the financial data. We discuss how having a clear understanding of your business’s finances can help owners make strategic business decisions. We also get real about write-offs and P/L reports.

Three gifts that only bookkeeping can give you!
(with Jami Monte)

You are the CEO of your business – you deserve to know what is going on! My guest today believes that anyone can learn about bookkeeping – it is never too late – whether you are in your first year of business, or a seasoned veteran, the principles discussed in this episode apply to you! The numbers matter – and in today’s episode we are sharing three different ways that knowing the basics about your bookkeeping can change your life, and your business…

How to Organize Your Bookkeeping for a More Productive Year With Jami Monte

How do you organize your bookkeeping for a more productive year?

Contrary to what entrepreneurs may believe about bookkeeping, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get organized. We can do many things throughout the year to set ourselves up for success, and my guest Jami Monte is a wealth of knowledge in getting entrepreneurs on track.


How Buying an EV May Save You Thousands at Tax Time

I know we have government rebates for EVs in Canada, but do we have tax credits like they do in the United States? – Jon, Ottawa

Canada doesn’t have a tax credit for electric vehicles – but if you’re self-employed or have to use your car for your job, you could write off thousands of dollars at tax time on the purchase price of a new EV. But that’s only if you turned down the $5,000 federal incentive when …

Five Tax Tips for Self Employed and Gig Workers

The digital economy has created a new wave of gig workers, contractors and self-employed people. A recent survey by TurboTax found 23 per cent of Canadians have a side gig from their primary employer.

But the transition into this form of work doesn’t come with a handbook that warns how complicated your taxes are about to become.

Five Types of People Who Should Consider Hiring an Accountant

TurboTax spokesperson Jami Monte says there’s a lot of shame in the tax world. People who might benefit from the assistance of a tax professional often worry that their messy bookkeeping will be scoffed at.

But she says parsing through these complicated matters is part of the job, and tax professionals are ready to help you out no matter how bad a job you did keeping receipts.

“Your goal is to generate income, not keep track of your taxes,” said Ms. Monte.

How becoming common-law or getting hitched changes tax-filing season

As more Canadians enter common-law relationships, experts are encouraging young couples to educate themselves on the tax implications.

“There are credits that you may be used to getting, if you’re a single person,” said Stefanie Ricchio, a Toronto-based CPA.

“There is a little element of surprise.”

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