Bookkeeping Training to Simplify Your Finances

MORE MONEY in the bank, MORE CHILL in your business.

Find the clarity and confidence you crave so you can accelerate your growth and face tax season with ease.

It’s Time You Had Some FUN with Your Finances.

The reason you avoid your bookkeeping all year isn’t because it’s overcomplicated or overwhelming. It’s because no one taught you how to do it. And once you see your numbers clearly, you’ll realize: you’re probably doing a lot better than you think.

Introducing ChillBooks, a self-study course that empowers you to have more chill in your business. Here’s your key to mastering your bookkeeping through QuickBooks™ and finding clarity in all areas of your finances. Think of it as the financial therapy your business has been craving…

For accounting professionals

Take Your Accounting Biz from Hustle & Grind to Chillbooks™-Certified

It’s time to ditch the mentality that you have to “survive” tax season to find balance in your business. Welcome to the Chillbooks™ Certification Program, a mentorship designed to help you empower your clients to take ownership of their finances. They learn to master their bookkeeping using QuickBooks™; you create an unparalleled client experience.


You’re here because you have a business you believe in. You have dreams to chase and an impact to make on your community. But you can’t run a business on dreams and mindset alone…

Without a clear understanding of your numbers (and the financial systems to back them up), you don’t have a business—you have a side hustle. One that may even be costing you money (real talk).

That’s why I’m here… to change the narrative around bookkeeping and business ownership. I teach you the practical financial knowledge you need to take your business to the next level and feel confident in chasing your dreams. And I mentor accountants to do the same for their clients—disrupting the traditional client-accountant relationship and making everyone’s lives a little more chill.

The VIP Day You Never Knew You Needed

Have you been craving more opportunities to work on your business instead of in it? I’ve been there…

I know firsthand what it’s like to get stuck in the weeds of entrepreneurship. To feel like your entire day is spent putting out fires. I’m here to show you another way. It starts with a much-needed VIP Day. Let’s spend a full day together so you can get clarity on whatever it is you’re working through—from bookkeeping questions to pricing and marketing strategy (and beyond), I’m your girl.

More CLARITY Around Your Taxes
= More PROFIT In Your Business

Imagine how empowering it would feel to approach tax season with a sense of calm and ease. To be so confident in your tax planning practices that you find yourself selling more while retaining more money.

This free guide to understanding GST and HST will teach you:

  • The accounting trick to paying less GST/HST.
  • How much sales tax to charge each client.
  • When and how to register for GST/HST so that you never pay back taxes.
  • PLUS: You’ll receive an exclusive Sales Tax Tracker so you always know how much to save for GST/HST

It’s the motto.

Stay Chill in Life and Business

And it’s one I’d like to share with as many people as possible. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping everyone ditch their limiting beliefs about money and embrace more chill in life and business. I love taking complex financial topics and turning them into super digestible, engaging lessons for entrepreneurs, students and people from all walks of life (and financial backgrounds).

From bookkeeping and financial literacy to my own story of entrepreneurship and creating a life filled with inspiration and passion, I’m an open book. And I’d love to share my motto as a speaker at your next event or mastermind.

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