Hey, I’m Jami. CPA, Course Creator & Speaker

Know Your Numbers &

own Your Role as CEO

Welcome to the fun side of finance, guided by self employed accountant Jami, where your numbers are a marker of your success and growth—not something you turn a blind eye to.

Picture this… You’re crunching your numbers at the end of the month and instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed, you sit down at your computer feeling confident and at ease.

Your receipts have already been inputted and organized. You have a running total of your expenses and earnings. And you know you have enough money in the bank to cover the tax bill.

You’ve traded in financial anxiety for entrepreneurial empowerment because you’ve seen, month over month, just how much your business is growing. And you have the education you need to stay the course when you have an off-month (or an off-quarter, because let’s face it: entrepreneurship isn’t a linear journey).

This is how you embrace the CEO you’re meant to be… and your journey starts here.

You Are the BEST Bookkeeper for YOUR BUSINESS

For real, though. It’s time to flip the script on bookkeeping.

Managing your books isn’t the dark side of entrepreneurship—it’s the fun part. Without it, you don’t get to do the sexy stuff like scaling your offers, paying yourself and optimizing your tax bill. And when you outsource your bookkeeping, you miss out on the sense of empowerment that comes from understanding your numbers.

That’s where I come in… I bring the practical financial knowledge you need to take your business to the next level, with small business bookkeeping classes that help you feel secure and confident in chasing your dreams.

And while you’re busy stepping into your CEO energy, I’ll be mentoring my fellow accountants to do the same for their clients—disrupting the traditional client-accountant relationship to make everyone’s lives a little more chill.

Hey, I’m Jami.
CPA, Self Employed Accountant & Speaker

I’m passionate about helping you live your best entrepreneurial life because I have the same goal…

Practical advice and clean books are my bread and butter. While that kind of passion for accounting may not sound sexy to you, I’m willing to bet the title of CEO does.

And I’m here to tell you that level of success only comes with a true understanding of your numbers. I know because I’ve seen it firsthand…

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder as a CPA only to realize I was putting off my own entrepreneurial journey. I loathed the idea of winding up in an accountant’s office, surrounded by grey walls every day, only to feel completely burnt out after another tax season. So, I took off to Bali to teach yoga and have my very own “Eat, Prey, Love” moment.

But when I returned home, I fell right back into the hustle mentality. I started taking on consultancy work and pumping out tax returns to make some fast money, even though it wasn’t aligned with my goals. It turns out this was my lightbulb moment…

My clients were coming to me feeling completely lost, avoiding looking at their books until they were forced to come tax season. They were riddled with anxiety about their finances while trying to scale a business doing what they loved. Like most self employed accountants, I took on their stress, working overtime to help organize their books—until I realized there was a better way.

I could grow my business without hiring a huge team and still dedicate less than six hours a week to client work.

I started educating clients with small business bookkeeping classes, helping them take charge of their finances and find the clarity and confidence they were craving in their businesses.

And I led by example, showing other CPAs they, too, could build a life and business that felt truly aligned. They, too, could transform their client experience while decreasing their stress levels. All it took was teaching their clients the same basic bookkeeping skills.

Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to join me on the chill side of accounting?

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