Finance Can Be FUN

It’s about time we changed the narrative around finances.

When it comes to having a confident money mindset,
education plays a huge role.

Simply put: the more you know, the better you’ll feel. This is why I’ve put together these free and low-cost resources to help you shift your mindset around money and vibe with your inner CEO.

Why Use QuickBooks™

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Video – How to Hire An Accountant (or What Questions To Ask your Current One)

Paid Workshop – Tax Prep – Includes Access to my Signature Tax Prep Workbook + A List of Accountant Recommendations

What the HST Am I Doing?

Do you want to approach tax season with a sense of calm and ease? Are you looking for more clarity around your taxes and more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket? Look no further.

My free guide What the HST Am I Doing will teach you everything you need to know about GST/HST, including the accounting trick to pay less sales tax (and keep the CRA happy).

Plus, you’ll get a free sales tax tracker so you can put your new knowledge to work!

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Bookkeeping that’s Quick and Easy

It’s possible with the right software. I designed my signature course around QuickBooks™ because I’ve seen firsthand how superior the platform is to any rivals in the space. Get to know your new favourite business partner, QuickBooks™.

Welcome to the Chill Side of Financial Literacy

You won’t find any kind of money-shaming or dry accountant lingo here. Stay up to date about the latest webinars and learning opportunities by joining my email list.

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