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Plug and Play Home Office and Mileage Trackers designed to help you get your tax bill as low as possible using all the juicy write-offs available to you as a solopreneur…

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The #1 trick to determine if something is a write off for your specific biz (no accounting knowledge required)  

Key write off hacks that every solopreneur should know to stay audit proof and write things off with confidence

Common things that are *never* a write off – so that you can avoid accidental penalties from the CRA

PLUS: a copy of my Write Off Checklist, Home Office Expense Tracker and Mileage Tracker

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I know that when tax season rolls around you sometimes get stressed that you’re missing write offs and paying extra tax for no reason.

That’s why I created “Never Miss a Write Off”

Inside this mini course you get all the hacks I’d share with my tax clients during our hourly Q&A sessions – from how to get out of tracking your mileage all year long, to what part of your mortgage payments you can write off.

I used to charge $400 for these Q&A sessions with my clients and this mini course is yours to keep for just $37.

This mini course will truly help you to CHILL OUT when tax season rolls around & have more cash in hand.

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Normally Sold for $97

FINALLY enter tax season knowing that you’re paying what you’re supposed to be paying *and not a penny more*

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Normally Sold for $97

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